Facebook Apes Google Now With Personalized Notifications Tab For iOS, Android

To some, Facebook might just be another app on their smartphone or tablet, but Facebook itself doesn't believe that's all it should be. In fact, the company has long believed that our lives should be as integrated with the service as possible. We saw proof of this with the Facebook Home launcher, and it's hard to count the number of times a Facebook phone has been rumored.

Ultimately, the company has decided that its app is enough (for now), and in addition to Facebook Messenger, most user needs are covered. However, the company is beginning to roll out a rather significant update that will help take things to the next level. In effect, it's a feature that could completely rid your need for the standard OS notifier (outside of app updates, at least.).

Facebook Notification Center

As you might suspect, all of the information found within your personal notification center will be sourced from your Facebook account itself. Based on the pages you like, you'll see sports scores and TV show reminders, upcoming events, and so forth. You'll also automatically see things like friend milestones and other important events.

In order to make this notification center truly useful, it'll also include weather information and specific goings-on in your community - some that you might be completely unaware of if not for this automatic sourcing of information.

As of the time of writing, I did not receive this update on my phone, but as these things go, it could take a week or two before everyone is able to see the updates. Based on the screenshot, it looks like it could be a very useful addition, and perhaps a more accurate one than the competition, as well.