Facebook Home Hits 1 Million Downloads, Shows Signs of Fizzling Out

Facebook Home is forever going to change the social networking scene! It's going to render standard Android launchers obsolete! In time, Facebook Home will be installed on every Android device in the world! The new launcher spells doom for all other social networks! Or maybe, just maybe, it won't become as popular as Mark Zuckerberg and company are hoping. It's too early to tell for sure, but one thing we know is that Facebook Home has been downloaded around 1 million times since it launched a month ago.

Facebook's director of mobile engineering Cory Ondrejka revealed the lackluster statistic to a small group of reporters during a recent press event held at the company's campus.

Facebook Home

"We're at just about 1 million downloads on Home," Ondrejka said. "This is the first product for us that has focused on mobile best."

According to Ondrejka, 1 million downloads is on par with where Facebook wanted its Home app to be at this point, adding that the number of downloads will be more important to the social networking site sometime in the future. For now, the focus is on user feedback and keeping users engaged.

"We've spent a lot of time digging through the one star ratings," Ondrejka said.

Facebook Home Graph
Source: App Annie

That's fine, but if Facebook Home is to ultimately be successful, Facebook needs to find a way to convince more users to download it, whether it's by improving the app or making it available on more devices. Looking at App Annie's breakdown of Facebook Home's download data, we can see a flurry of activity in April right after the app launched (it quickly jumped out to 500,000 downloads in about a week), followed by a steady decline of interest.

Are you using Facebook Home? Do you plan on using it at some point?