FAA Strongly Advises Passengers Against Using Red Hot Galaxy Note 7 On Flights

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

More bad news for Samsung, though not entirely unexpected. Due to concerns over a handful of recent reports of Galaxy Note 7 devices overheating and exploding, the United Stated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a statement to passengers that "strongly advises" them not to turn on the fire-prone device during flights.

The FAA doesn't typically single out manufacturers and specific models when issuing warnings. Doing it now underscores the severity of the situation and the FAA's level of concern, though the agency stopped short of outright banning Galaxy Note 7 devices on flights. Instead, it suggested that passengers don't turn them on, charge them, or even stow Galaxy Note 7 handsets in bags and suitcases.

The FAA had been weighing a ban on Galaxy Note 7 devices as multiple reports of exploding devices surfaced in recent weeks. Meanwhile, three Australian airlines—Qantas, Jetstar, and Virgin Australia—decided to continue allowing passengers to bring their Galaxy Note 7 phones on flights, but is disallowing them from using or charging the handsets.

Samsung issued a global recall and replacement program for Galaxy Note 7 devices. It affects millions of handsets and is expected to cost Samsung hundreds of millions of dollars in operating profit during its fiscal second quarter. However, the company was left with little choice following multiple incidents of Galaxy Note 7 devices catching fire. In one recent incident, a Galaxy Note 7 handset exploded in a hotel room and caused $1,400 worth of damages.