Exclusive Blue PS3 Arriving For Those Can't Wait On The PS4

Sony's PlayStation 4 is scheduled to land in the United States on 11/15 for $399. But, believe it or not, there's still a big market out there for the PlayStation 3, and Sony realizes it still has a few months to milk its existing console before the new one comes to town. That's the only logical reason we can muster for the emergence of this Azurite Blue PS3 console, which will land on October 8, 2013 as a GameStop exclusive. It'll ship only in a 250GB (HDD) model, and will only be available for sale at U.S. and Canada GameStop / EB Games locations.

The bundle includes a blue console, a blue DualShock 3 wireless controller, a 250GB HDD, Blu-ray player and... well, not much else. No games, nada. The unit will retail at $249.99, and those who aren't up for traveling to a store can order one online starting today. The console will indeed be a limited edition, so you may want to snag one and keep it in the box for eBaying purposes a decade from now.