Evolve To Receive Monstrous 3GB Day One Patch To Improve Load Times And Crush Bugs

Planning to call in sick to school or work tomorrow so that you can play Evolve all day long? Brace yourself, a 3GB patch is coming. Developer Turtle Rock Studios says you'll need to download and apply the massive patch before jumping into online play. By applying the update, you'll benefit from improved load times, better matchmaking, and network bandwidth optimizations, to name a few of the fixes.

“What can you really add to Evolve at this point? It’s already gone gold!," Turtle Rock Studios stated in a blog post. "This question came up a lot over the course of the Open Beta weekend in January. Truth is, that long weekend was a big learning experience for us. As a result, on day one – before you even start your first match on the live servers – we’ve made a number of refinements through a day-one patch."


It will also contain the usual round of general bug fixes -- primarily those found by gamers during the Big Alpha and Open Beta periods -- plus new Elite skins for Hunters and Monsters (also based on user feedback) and balancing tweaks.

The highly anticipated game releases to Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 tomorrow, February 10. It's still available to pre-order from several different vendors, including Steam, which is giving away a free copy of Left 4 Dead with pre-orders.