Evernote Updates Android App with Photo and Search Functionality

Evernote is a terrific remember-everything tool, and it keeps getting better. Today, Evernote updated its Android app again, bringing several attractive features that will make it even more powerful.

First, Evernote updated the camera feature to include multi-shot capabilities, so you can snap several pictures and save them all in one note. Even better, users now have the Page Camera feature that essentially turns Evernote into a pocket scanner; you can take photos of physical documents, let Evernote tweak them into something that looks more like the actual paper than a photo, and save them as notes.

Evernote update

By combining the Page Camera feature with an Evernote Smart Notebook (by Moleskine, which is a match made in heaven), users can jot down notes in their special Moleskine, add a smart tag sticker, snap a pic, and save it.

Evernote update

There’s now a Shortcut feature, imported from the Mac version of Evernote, that lets users pull up frequently-accessed items such as tags and notes; if you already created a bunch of shortcuts on your Mac, they’ll sync to your mobile Evernote, as well.

Evernote update

For premium users, Evernote has added the ability to search for words anywhere in your account or in documents, spreadsheets, and the like. All users get to enjoy a tweaked interface with redrawn icons and enhanced note lists.

The update is already rolling out, so you probably already have it if you’re an Evernote for Android user. It's not a moment too soon, either, as Google apparently has Evernote's number with its own Keep tool.