Et Tu Yorkfield?

We recently reported that Intel may postponing the release of their X48 chipset by a month or two, and now it looks like they may be doing the same with their 45 nm “Yorkfield” quad-core CPUs.  While the X48 delay is allegedly to make motherboard manufacturers happy, the delay of the CPUs seems to stem from AMD's Phenom not being available at clock speeds as high as many in the industry were speculating.

“Intel has already notified its partners that it will push back the launch of the three CPUs to February or March next year, depending on AMD's schedule for triple-core and the upcoming Phenom CPUs.

Launching the CPUs now will not benefit Intel much in its battle with AMD, while they could cause damage to Intel's 65nm quad-core CPUs, therefore the company has decided it is in no rush to release new products until AMD is able to present more of a threat.”

It seems that even hard-core Intel enthusiasts are now being directly impacted by the Phenom, but not in the way they probably imagined.  All we need now is for AMD to start performing like they were two years ago again.

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Via:  DigiTimes
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