Ergodex DX1 Input System, How To Build Parallel Port Prototypes

While doing my usual surfing routine today, I came across an interesting read over at CNET. Some creative artists have made their mark in the oddest of places, a microchip. Some of the designs are really neat, I suggest you check them out. Also in the news today, Samsung has agreed to plead guilty to price fixing, and will pay a $300 million fine. Goodnight folks!

Ubuntu v5.10 (Breezy Badger) @ Phoronix

"Looking at this release first hand, it continues to look incredibly promising for the GNU/Linux movement and we hope that Mark Shuttleworth continues to invest in this valuable commodity. Some of the major improvements to Ubuntu 5.10 include thin client integration, OEM installer support, and Launchpad integration."

Ergodex DX1 Input System @ PimpRig

"To place a key, first you peel off the protective cover off of the adhesive, then press it down firmly on the DX1 pad. To remove the key, simply twist it off. The instructions say not to pry, but I tried it anyway. I pried as hard as I dared, and the damn thing wouldn't budge. Gave it a twist, and off it came."

Gigabyte 3D Aurora @ Hardware Zone | HH Perspective

"Gigabyte has burst into the casing market with its debut 3D Aurora. Featuring a patent pending light beam projector that will delight the modding enthusiasts, this casing has more than its fair share of modern conveniences that we have come to expect from a top class casing."

How To Build Parallel Port Prototypes @ Hardware Secrets

"The computer parallel port is the easiest way to control devices outside the PC, like LEDs, lights and even home appliances. In this tutorial we will teach you how to use the computer parallel port to control circuits outside your computer."

Spire KestrelKing V CPU Cooler @ Techgage

"If you have an Athlon 64 and are looking to upgrade your stock cooling solution, Spire may have the answer. Today, We are taking a look at their KestrelKing V. Let's jump in and see how much of a real upgrade this is from stock!"

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