EPoX Mobo, Thermalright Heatsink and More

Good morning everyone, welcome back :)  With the sun shinning bright and work fast approaching I think it is time for your AM update.  So, go grab a cup of Joe and settle in...

 EPoX 9NPA Ultra (nForce 4 Ultra AMD) Motherboard Review @ TweakTown

"EPoX sent us one of their newest motherboards recently, the 9NPA Ultra, which is based on nVidia's new nForce 4 Ultra chipset for the AMD Athlon Socket 939 processor platform. We've compared the motherboard against the nForce 4 SLI chipset to find out if there are any differences in performance in a non-SLI system setup. If you're on the market for a new PCI-Express Socket 939 motherboard with some decent overclocking support, you might be interested in the EPoX 9NPA Ultra."

 Thermalright XP-90c Heatsink Review @ PC Perspectives

"The Thermalright XP-90c exhibited very good performance across a full range of noise levels.  Even with the virtually silent 80mm Panaflo L1A or SilenX fans, the XP-90c was able to cool the Athlon 64 3200 quite well.  Replacing the quiet fans with progressively higher flow (and noisier) fans resulted in even better temperatures."

 Thermaltake CircleFire Review @ GruntvillE.com

"Now it's time for the bad news... The 2W speaker is very low quality and has a squawking, somewhat 'tinny' sound. I honestly believe my Nintendo GameBoy from 10 years ago had better sound. To make things worse, the volume button on the unit has three states; Loud, Louder, and Louder 1. The only way I could tolerate the sound was to have the Circlefire set on the lowest setting, and drop my PC volume to less than 25%. And I use "tolerate" in the least enthusiastic way possible."

 Cool by Corsair 120MM Advanced PC CPU Liquid Cooling System Review @ FutureLooks

"Have a super loud CPU fan sitting inside your case that you want to quiet down? Looking for something much quieter and quite possibly more awesome? We check out Corsair's very own liquid cooling system to see if its all that."

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