Epox EP-9NPA+, GeForce 7800GT,SE-VOIP USB Skype Phones and More!

Epox EP-9NPA+ SLI Motherboard @ pcstats.com:

"The Epox 9NPA+ SLI supports any current and future socket 939 AMD Athlon64 processor and is based on the Nvidia nForce4 SLI chipset with support for up to 4GB of PC3200 DDR memory. The Epox EP-9NPA+SLI motherboard adds on to this capability with an on board PCI Express-based Silicon Image SiI3132 Serial ATA II controller. The SIS SiI3132 supports two additional Serial ATA II channels, and thanks to port multiplier capabilities it can accommodate up to 30 SATA HDDs (fifteen on each port) with an appropriate port-multiplier device."

Saitek Eclipse Illuminated Keyboard @ SystemCooling:

"You're the self proclaimed King of Bling. You have enough lights in your case to light up the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center and more electronic gizmos than a BMW 7-Series. Now this is all good, except for one major problem, it's become boring to you and even more important, boring to all your friends. So now you find yourself sitting in front of you computer surfing all your favorite computer mod sites looking for something to give your computer the awe factor at the next LAN. Then you see it, the Saitek Eclipse keyboard, it looks really good, but does it function well enough to take your hard earned cash? Let's find out."

SE-VOIP USB Skype Phones @ Bigbruin.com:

"Although Skype requires no additional hardware beyond an Internet connected PC sporting a sound card with speakers and a microphone, USB compatible Skype Phones are available to make the experience even more convenient... Geeks.com carries a handful of USB VoIP phones for use with the Skype service, and they have sent over a pair of phones from Skype-Phone.net for consideration."

How To Speed Up Your Computer Without Upgrading @ The TechZone:

"It seems that the longer you own your computer, the slower it gets! It isn't getting slower just because it is older. Read the following article to learn how to speed up your computer without upgrading the hardware."

nVIDIA GeForce 7800GT Review @ Rage3D:

"In this review I'll be looking at a reference 7800GT from NVIDIA and comparing it to a reference 7800GTX, also from NVIDIA, and a retail boxed Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition from HIS. All three cards represent the current pinnacle of performance offered from both ATI and NVIDIA, so direct comparisons between them should make for an interesting article."