Epic Kills Fortnite Video Capture On Nintendo Switch Over Lingering Performance Concerns

Fortnite Switch
Epic Games has begun rolling out a new content update to Fortnite (version 5.40.2), the developer's freebie battle royale shooter and gaming sensation that is basically a money generating machine (through in-game purchases). There is a bunch of new and improved goodies in the patch, though it's not all candy and rainbows. Nintendo Switch owners are upset that Epic Games took away a feature with its latest update.

Gamers who play Fortnite on the Switch can no longer capture video and then share their epic clips with friends. This was not immediately evident in the patch notes. Instead, Switch owners posted their frustrations on Reddit and Fortnite's community forum.

"I am very not happy to lose out on the video recording. Half of the fun from this game [are] the crazy moments you get to share with friends," a user wrote.

Several users thought it was an unintentional glitch. After posting several complaints, Epic Games went back and updated its patch notes to confirm that the update disables video capture on the Switch "for performance and stability reasons." One of the community managers from Epic Games expounded the decision in the Nintendo Switch subreddit.
Hey folks,

You may have noticed we've disabled the Video Capture feature on Nintendo Switch as of the v5.40.2 client update. This was done for performance and stability reasons as we've been seeing a high rate of Out of Memory related crashes. Disabling this feature saves a significant amount of RAM while also having a positive effect on overall performance across the board.

We've since added a line about this in the Patch Notes and we're considering the possibility of making this feature optional in the future for players who don't mind taking a hit on their performance.
The web is littered with Fortnite videos, with clips showcasing great (and not-so-great) gaming moments, along with humorous and interesting bugs, like the shopping cart glitch. It's understandably why some Switch owners are disappointed to find that they can no longer record clips on their platform of choice. Hopefully Epic Games figures out a way to re-implement the feature without sacrificing performance and stability.