Epic Games Confirms High CPU Usage Bug Amid Concerns Over Its Games Launcher App

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Last week, it was discovered that the Epic Games Launcher was unnecessarily consuming CPU resources, which also resulted in unwanted temperature spikes, even when systems were idle and not updating a game. In addition, as we reported, it was also noted that the Epic Games Launcher app was sending a fair amount of traffic from host machines to multiple servers, again, even when the app was idle. However, it seems that at least one engineer on the development team at Epic is now aware of the issue and the company intends to release a fix soon. In the end, it appears that we are just witnessing a bug with the launcher, though we will definitely know more soon.

The director of publishing strategy at Epic Games, Sergey Galyonkin, was notified of the reddit thread that exploded on the AMD subreddit (as well as our subsequent coverage) explaining the high CPU usage and temps on AMD Ryzen (and Intel) processors. He replied on December 26th, noting that he had seen it. He then replied in the tweet chain that it is a bug.
Now, Galyonkin has reported that the development team identified the issue, and a fix is being tested. Once the fix is released, it should show up in the patch notes. However, it does seem that this issue has been floating around since at least 2015 according to reddit user /r/RadonPL. Hopefully, the upcoming fix will put a lid on the longstanding problems, and we will find out more soon. It's not clear, however, if this path will also address the extraneous traffic issue that seems to be more prominent on the Epic Games Launcher than on other apps, like Steam. 
In the meantime, folks over at the /r/AMD subreddit have become extremely skeptical of the Epic Games Launcher, so Epic may have a bit of a battle regaining trust. We have since reached out to Epic Games for comment on the situation and hope to hear back soon, so stay tuned to HotHardware for any further updates.