Epic Games Claims Apple Has No Right To Enjoy The Juicy Fruits Of Its Fortnite Success

Fortnite bad apple
The Epic Games versus Apple saga is continuing as the Fortnite creator filed another case against Apple on October 24th. Epic Games says that “Apple has no right to the fruits of Epic’s labor,” further claiming that “Apple’s contractual restrictions are anti-competitive.” Epic's filing is just one more on top of many in the back-and-forth war, which will end with a trial by judge.

In yesterday’s filing, Epic Games stated that Apple had no rights to Epic’s Fortnite goodies, “other than the rights arising under a contract.” This seems somewhat off, as Epic Games did sign a contract with Apple agreeing to those contractual terms. Epic claims that though it “breached some of the contractual restrictions that Apple imposes on iOS developers,” it was because “those contractual restrictions are unlawful.”

Epic’s breach of contract and the steps they took were also to fight the “monopoly.” The company states that these actions are “a far cry from the tortious—even purportedly criminal—conduct that Apple’s Opposition depicts.” Furthermore, “Epic did not 'steal' anything that belonged to Apple. Epic could not and did not 'steal' the proceeds from the sales of its own creative efforts.”
Throughout the 20-page document posted by Mike Wuerthele, Epic Games continues to lambaste Apple for its business practices. Another interesting find within this document is that “Epic has conceded that if it fails on its antitrust claims, Epic will be responsible for any sums owed to Apple under the License Agreement.”

We will have to see how Apple responds to all claims, and if Epic loses, it will be footing a hefty bill. Both parties have up until May 3rd, 2021 to get their respective punches in before the trial starts. In any case, let us know in the comments below what you think of Epic Game’s strong message within its filing.