Epic Acquires Rocket League Developer Psyonix, Promises Game Will Remain On Steam

Epic Games has been catching a lot of heat lately for paying to make games exclusive to its Steam alternative called the Epic Games Store. Gamers are upset because many PC gamers like that Steam offers all the games they want in one place with one program to maintain. Epic Games has issued a challenge to Steam that promised to stop pursuing exclusives for the Epic Games Store if Steam would give developers a larger cut of the profits for their games.


Now, Epic Games has announced that Psyonix is joining the family. Psyonix is the company behind the popular game Rocket League. Psyonix says that the move will be a positive one for Rocket League and the fan community. In the short term, nothing about Rocket League will change. Psyonix will remain committed to adding updates with new features, content, and new ways to play the game.

Over the long term, Rocket League will come to the Epic Games Store, but Epic says that the game will still be offered on Steam. Psyonix promises that gameplay will remain the same. As for the Rocket League ecosystem, the developers think that the game's future in eSports is exciting. On June 21-23 Rocket League Championship Series finals will be held at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey bringing an end to the 7th season.

The devs say that the same team will continue to work on the game and that it merely has the power of Epic Games behind it now. Psyonix also took the time to thank the player community for their support. The transaction is subject to "customary closing conditions" and is expected to close near the end of May or early June 2019. There is no indication of what Epic Games paid to acquire Psyonix.