Enermax Releases Tiny Revolution D.F. 12 ATX 3.1 Ready Power Supplies

hero enermax df12 revolution
It's only really in the last decade that small form factor builds have come into their own. Time was that building a small PC meant using meager hardware and forgoing fancy expansion cards. Now that everything is integrated onto the motherboard or the CPU package itself, and thanks to the proliferation of compact cases designed to accommodate massive graphics cards and the necessary cooling for modern CPUs, you can build a top-of-the-line gaming PC in just a few liters of space.

Of course, hot hardware means high power consumption, and that in turn means you're going to need an extremely capable power supply. There are some pretty powerful SFX units out there, but they command a hefty premium, and a lot of very small cases will still accept a full-sized ATX unit anyway. However, if you stuff a full-sized 14-cm-deep ATX power supply into something like a Lian-Li Q58, wiring is going to become a massive pain.

revolution df12 depth example

Enter Enermax's new Revolution D.F. 12 series. These are ATX power supplies, meaning they still come with the full 8.6cm height and 15cm width of a standard ATX unit. However, they're considerably shorter than most other ATX power supplies at just 12.2cm. This puts it much closer to a typical SFX power supply in terms of depth, giving you a fair bit more room to plug in power connectors and manage cables underneath your PSU shroud.

The new units have all the features you typically expect of a modern ATX 3.1 power supply: fanless operation below 50% load, 80 PLUS Gold certification, and of course, native 12V-2x6 support. That's the connector that replaced the purportedly fire-prone 12VHPWR plug, if you aren't familiar. They also support brief power excursions of up to 235% of their rated limit. That means graphics cards like the GeForce RTX 3090 and Radeon RX 7900 XTX, which are known to be prone to high transient spikes, won't cause stability issues.

enermax manual screenshot

Enermax's new Revolution D.F. 12 power supplies come in black and white variants with power ratings that will eventually range from 750W all the way up to 1200W, although only the 750W and 850W models are available at this time. It looks like the series starts at $129.99 for the 750W model, with the black 850W model costing $139.99 and then the white variant of that unit being $10 more at $149.99.