Enermax EG701AX 600W PSU, HSPC Tech Station, and more!

Good evening folks, I'm here for the nighttime update. There's just enough news for a good reading session before bed, which is where I'm heading after this. One review you might want to check out, is the Lian Li V2000 Tower review... the case has brakes. As silly as it sounds, it's actually a pretty good idea. Anyway, goodnight folks :)

Lian Li V2000 Tower Review @ GruntvillE.com

"The entire Lian Li V-Series comes standard with billet aluminum wheels. Now if your desk is slanted, this could pose a problem but Lian Li thought of everything. The wheels come with a brake! The brake consists of a billet rectangle attached around the center of the rear axel and a metal plate. When the brake is engaged, the rectangle is pressed against the plate keeping it from spinning."

Enermax EG701AX 600W PSU @ Viper Lair

"While the Enermax EG701AX-VE-SFMA24P does not have modular cables, many reputable PSU makers will probably tell you that ideally, you'll want cables drawn directly from the PSU to your components for the best reliability. The EG701AX was just that; a solid and reliable PSU with plenty of power when you need it."

Enermax EG425P-SFMA24P Power Supply @ Club Overclocker

"Enermax has been in the power supply business for a while and they are a very respected company. In the computer world there are companies that are used as benchmarks for other companies and Enermax is one of those benchmark companies. They are the standard that other power supply companies try to match."

HSPC Tech Station - Open Air Computer Test Bench @ ExtremeMHz

"If you're a pc technician or system builder, you know that not every new setup always goes as planned. Whether it's a defective part or grounding issue, you're likely to have to remove components from a case in order to begin the troubleshooting process. It is these times when you which you had something better and more efficient to work with. That's where the Tech Station from HighSpeed PC comes in."

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