Emergency Swerve: Cancel or Allow? Ford Cars Get Microsoft Inside

Thankfully the collaboration between Ford Motor Company and Microsoft is only for the entertainment system-

"Initially to be made available in twelve 2008 models across the Ford family and across the entire 2009 lineup from FoMoCo, the service will be a fully-integrated, flash memory-based system that enables drivers to call hands-free and to control a range of digital audio via voice commands and buttons mounted on the steering wheel. The system is based on an a Microsoft Auto operating system comprising an ARM 11 processor, 64MB of DRAM and 256MB of flash memory. Microsoft tells us that its software will be updatable, probably via the USB port."

It does appear to have some really hot features such as:

  • Hands free calling.
  • Text-to-voice technology that will read text messages.

  • Voice commands will allow users to play music files from mp3 players, mobile phones, streaming web audio, and even USB drives once the system has them indexed.