Elon Musk Tweets of Sci-Fi Like Rocket Designed by 'Hand Manipulated Hologram' Technology

In the technology arena there are leaders and visionaries.  Many people have described men like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as visionaries and market-changing leaders.  Then there's another class of people in technology - the inventors.  These folks are visionaries, leaders and in most cases, genetically wired geniuses.  Tesla, Einstein, Edison, (Wozniak, Page and Brin?) these are the names of men that brought about technologies so disruptive and influential that they changed the landscape forever.  It may be a little early to group this man into the same class of inventors as Einstein and Edison, but we may some day be speaking the name "Musk" in the same breath as we do these other great men of science and invention.

Though it took a while for Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) to catch steam, have you looked at the company stock as of late? Check out the one year change graph.  That's what you call up and to the right.  Beyond the EV market, recently Musk has also announced plans to revolutionize mass transit with his vision of the Hyperloop transportation system.  You might say he's on the move.  Just a little.

Musk's Hyperloop Passenger Capsule - LA to SF in 35 Minutes

As certifiably insane as travel at up to 4000 MPH may sound, the technology is actually feasible and Musk is beginning to inspire outside interest and possible investment in making it a reality.  So, what sorts of tools does an almost science-fictional, Tony Stark-like character like Elon Musk use to help design his next generation technological wonders?

Why "Hand-Manipulated Hologram" design engines of course.  In a series of Tweets, Elon Musk gave hints of a new rocket part design he has in the works that was designed with hand gestures, in the air...
You just can't make this stuff up.  Well, okay, maybe you can but to get away with it, you have to have the chops and the track record to back you up. 

Image credit: OnInnovation/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

Musk may just have not only the street cred and geek cred to pull off Hyperloop and 3D holographic design systems -- as well as just a bit of Einstein-like "crazy" to forever change the way the world works.  Apparently, according to his tweets, we'll see next week what the wonderfully mad scientist has up his sleeve. We'll be here with the video footage of course, so watch this space.