Electronic Arts Is Giving Away Free Copies Of Mass Effect 2 Ahead Of Andromeda Launch

Do you need something to fill your time as you wait for Bioware to wrap up work on Mass Effect: Andromeda? You could revisit Mass Effect 2 or play through it for the first time. Either way, it will not cost you a dime as Electronic Arts is currently giving away the Standard Edition for free through its Origin digital distribution platform. All you need is an Origin account and you're golden.

Mass Effect 2 is this month's "On the House" promotion in which EA gives away a new title monthly basis. The timing of this one is appropriate because the much anticipated followup, Mass Effect: Andromeda, is scheduled to release in North America on Tuesday, March 21, 2017, followed by a launch in Europe a couple of days later on Thursday, March 23.

Mass Effect 2

The second installment in the Mass Effect franchise typically sells for $20 on Origin. There is also a Deluxe version that goes for $30 and if you really want to pony up for the game, EA will happily sell it to you. The Deluxe Edition comes with a spattering of extras, including bonus in-game weapon and armor, an Incisor sniper rifle, the game's soundtrack, videos showing the making of Mass Effect 2, digital version of Issue #1 of the Mass Effect comic book by Dark Horse comics, a digital 48-page art book, and Cerberus Network code granting access to bonus content.

It's a nice bundle, but it doesn't beat free. Either way, Mass Effect 2 has players step into the boots of Commander Shepherd through a third-person perspective. It's a single-player action role-playing game filled with quests and lots of combat. If you played the first Mass Effect but not the second, one thing you'll have to get used to is that weapons can overheat if overused.

Go here to claim your copy of Mass Effect 2.