Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion Reviewed

There is no question that Oblivion is definitely one of the best looking games of 2006 thus far and as you would expect, it seriously beats on even the fastest 3D Graphics cards from either NVIDIA or ATI.  We'll be incorporating it into our benchmarking suite here, as soon as we get a consistent repeatable method of testing it.  Until then, we'll have to "work" with it a bit more. Guru3D has obviously been putting in some quality time in the Oblivion worlds as well...

"When deep in the woods it is extremely hard on all graphics hardware, while in a cave or mine, or fighting your way through an Oblivion gate you can expect more than double the frame rate. Similarly riding along a road in a lowland area will give you a frame rate somewhere in between the two. This means it is pretty difficult to get an accurate picture of performance across the whole game, or a reliable benchmark."

"Honey, I'm busy working... really... honest... can you get me another cold one too?  Thanks..."