Amazon Echo Wall Clock Gets Its First Discount With This Deal

Last December, Amazon rolled out a new wall clock that had some cool connectivity options with its voice assistant smart speakers. One of the things that people who cook like to do with Alexa devices is to set timers for the various dishes they are preparing. Since most Alexa speakers have no screen, it's hard to tell how much time is left on those timers.

echo wall clock

The Echo Wall Clock fixes that by showing the timer on the face of the clock. When it launched the Echo Wall Clock was $29.99. For the first time, the Echo Wall Clock is on sale with a 17% discount bringing the cost of the Echo Wall Clock down to $24.99.

That's not a huge discount, but considering how cheap the clock was to start with, and that it has only been on the market a few months, any discount is nice. It's worth noting that Amazon pulled the wall clock from its website for a while in January 2019 after users complained of connectivity issues. It's not clear what Amazon had to do to fix the problem, but the wall clock is on sale again.

The clock comes in white only and has a 10-inch diameter face. Power comes from four AA batteries, and the face has analog hands with printed numbers and 60 LEDs around the outside of the clock. The clock doesn't work alone; it needs a compatible Echo device. Compatible devices include Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Input. Setting up the wall clock is easy with users just needing to say "Alexa, set up my Echo Wall clock." As of writing the Echo Wall Clock is listed as in stock and has free shipping for Prime members.