Amazon Pulls Echo Wall Clock After Users Complain Of Connectivity Issues

In mid-December at the height of the Christmas shopping season, Amazon launched a new product that looked rather interesting. The product was the Echo Wall Clock, which featured a minimalist design and connected to Alexa to show various timers that you set on its analog face using LEDs. It was also reasonably priced, ringing in at $30.

echo wall clock face

Amazon has given no indication of how popular the Echo Wall clock is, but reports have surfaced that owners have been complaining about connectivity issues with the clock. The complaints were enough that Amazon has stopped selling the clock for now. Amazon told The Verge that it was aware that a small number of owners were having issues with connectivity. The online giant reported that it was working hard to address the issues and planned to make the Echo Wall Clock available again in the coming weeks.

echo wall clock

It's not clear at this time if the issue with the connectivity loss for the battery powered Echo Wall Clock has to do with hardware or software on the device. The clock is an interesting device that could be hung wherever you want to keep an eye on timers. It would be a great way to set timers via a connected Alexa device and see those timers in another room while you work or watch a movie.

The clock has a 60 LED display and is able to automatically adjust the time for daylight savings. A supported Echo device is required for the clock to function; compatible devices include the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, or Echo input.