Echo Show $80 Off, Robot Vacuum $130 Off And More Awesome Amazon Holiday Deals

echo show 8 blink mini

It's official, it's too late to get packages to your home by the 25th from most providers without paying extraordinary shipping fees. That doesn't dissuade us from still recommending great gifts for the season. A gift receipt and tracking code in a box still counts as a gift to us! Check out these awesome deals!

We'll start our list with a smart little device bundle, the Echo Show 8 with Blink Camera bundle, pictured at the top. The Blink Mini camera provides a nice 1080p picture for you to keep an eye on your home while the Echo Show with an 8" HD touch screen allows you to control your smart devices and keep up with your contacts via video calling. You'll be saving $79.99 off the normal price of this bundle if you pick it up today for the sale price of $84.99, a hefty 48% off.

Everyone knows chores are not fun. No one wants to do them, and while vacuums have made sweeping up easier, it's still a hassle. That's why there are robots! The Roborock Q5 Robot Vacuum provides battery life for a 180-minute run time, no-go zones, and LiDar navigation. Thanks to its 2700 pascals of suction it's great on carpets and for pet hair. This is a great deal at $299.99, a 30% discount and a savings of $130.

After the holidays we all have to come to terms with the possibility that we may have overindulged a little bit on a few sweets. That's okay, were not judging, but it might be a good idea to keep track of your heart rate and other exercises once you start that New Year's resolution. The Fitbit Charge 5 is the perfect device for just that. This wrist-wearable interacts with your Android or iOS device and can provide you with an ECG and SpO2 readout. It even has up to 7-days of battery life! Pick it up now for just $99.95, that's 33% off the usual $149.95 and a savings of $50.

Of course, during your workouts, you likely will want to listen to music or even watch your favorite shows. A nice new pair of Beats Studio Buds True Wireless earbuds will be an excellent addition to your workout gear. Particularly because they have an IPX4 liquid resistance rating, making them excellent for sweat resistance. These earbuds pack a great sound for eight hours of listening and up to 24 hours with the included charging case. Enjoy this audio experience for only $89.95. That's $60 less than the normal retail price of $149.95. 40% off is a good chunk to save.

There are a couple more of our favorite deals below, but they are not the only options. After picking up a set of Energizer AA Batteries to make sure you have enough for the kids' toys this year, why not do a little shopping for yourself and check out other great deals? You could also check out these other options below.