Your Amazon Echo Look Is Officially Dead But You Can Score A Sweet Freebie For Your Trouble

echo look

The Amazon Echo Look camera is a standalone device that leveraged machine learning and artificial intelligence to give users fashion advice, making it easier to get dressed in the morning. Amazon has announced via an email sent out to owners of the Echo Look that the camera and its app will no longer function after July 24, 2020. The good news is that Amazon is offering a free Echo Show 5 to owners of the defunct device.

The free product should go a long way to making Look owners feel better about Amazon killing their product, but not offering refunds. As for how the Echo Show 5 will replace fashion advice provided by the Look, Amazon says that it has been integrating features from the Look into the Amazon Shopping app and other Alexa-enabled devices. The availability of the same technology in other Alexa devices, and the Shopping app, is what led the online giant to abandon the Echo Look.

echo show 5

To take advantage of the free Show 5, Amazon is saying Look owners will need to purchase the Echo Show 5 by September 24, 2020, and use the code ECHOLOOK20 at checkout. As of writing, the code didn't work in my personal Amazon account, but I'm not a Look owner. Currently, the Echo Show 5 is available for $69.99, which is a 22% discount from the regular $89.99 price tag.

For those unfamiliar with the Echo Show 5, it has a 5.5-inch display and Alexa support. It's able to stream movies, TV shows, play streaming audio, and more. It's voice-controlled, making it particularly useful in the kitchen for displaying recipes or for video chats with compatible Echo devices, the Alexa app, or Skype. With all the functions of the Echo Look, which launched in 2017, now integrated into the more useful Show 5 and Alexa, owners of the Look may appreciate the free upgrade.