Ebay Apologizes For Yet Another Service Disruption, Blames Downtime On Power Issue

You may have noticed that auction site eBay was down for the count or slow loading for a period of time over the weekend. Don't worry, the problem wasn't on your end -- eBay's VP of Global Platform & Infrastructure Group, Sri Shivananda, issued an apology for the recent site troubles, adding that the company believes "unexpected power issues" are to blame.

"First, on behalf of the company and our team, I apologize to the eBay customers affected by this incident," Shivananda said. "As a marketplace, we understand how important it is that we maintain a reliable platform for our buyers and sellers. We regret that today we didn’t meet the high expectations our customers have for us."

Image Credit: Flickr (Kazuhisa OTSUBO)

"Based on our investigation so far, we believe it may have been the result of unexpected power issues with storage arrays linked to some of our databases. These issues caused a limited number of databases to go offline, interrupting site functionality for some users," Shivananda continued.

We haven't been keeping track ourselves, but according to The Inquirer, eBay has gone offline around a dozen times so far this year. Shivananda acknowledged this has been a trying year for the auction site, saying that there have been "multiple issues" the past few months, despite eBay enjoying an overall "excellent track record for system uptime and reliability."

In a separate post, eBay promised to make things right by its affected sellers and said it would be in touch with them directly within the next day or so, but didn't say exactly what it's planning to do.