Pixel 9 Renders Emerge Revealing Key Design Changes To Google's Flagship Phone

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An early look at Google's unannounced Pixel 9 Pro shows that the upcoming flagship may have a tightened up main camera island design with flat edges all around, and curvy corners that could almost be mistaken for a iPhone (at least when viewed from the front.
Based on CAD renders shared by reliable leaker OnLeaks (in collaboration with India-based tech research site, MySmartPrice), the Pixel 9 Pro looks more robust and cohesive than ever before. While the Pixel 8 series introduced the flatter design language over the 7 Pro, the purported Pixel 9 Pro refines the recipe and looks to be even better made. Of course, these are third-party 3D renders, so ought to be taken lightly.

Nonetheless, it's interesting to see phone makers finally coming to their senses following the mad love for waterfall display edges, and returning to phones that are easier to hold in the hand (and not to mention posing way less of a headache for phone case and screen protector makers). If the the 9 Pro's camera island looks familiar, that's because it takes inspiration from the Pixel Fold, except with more lenses and horizontally flipped flash and focus sensor positions.

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The report likely erroneously stated that the display size is 6.5-inches especially since the phone's physical dimensions (6.46 x 3.03 x 0.33 inches) are not much different from the present model. On these renders, things like power buttons, charging port, SIM slot, etc. remain in the same position as the Pixel 8, but again, that may change as the year progresses.

Google's new Samsung-based 4LPP+ Tensor G4 is expected to power the phone, which in terms of raw power might pose a significant step forward over previous Tensor SoCs. Another potential game changer would lie with rumors of a replacement for Google Assistant called "Pixie" that taps into Gemini for more powerful and personalized assistive features.

Photo credits: OnLeaks and MySmartPrice