Eagle-Eyed Tech Fans Spot Second Generation Moto 360 In The Wild

Keep those smartphone cameras ready because you never know what you'll encounter when out and about. Lucky for us, smartphones are fairly ubiquitous these days, making it possible for two different people to take snapshots of what appear to be Motorola's second generation Moto 360 smartwatch out in the wild.

One of the photos was taken by a Reddit user (ThatGuyWhoRuinedIt) near a convenience store in Chicago, the city where Motorola's U.S. headquarters exists. Unfortunately he was late for a meeting when he spotted the wearable, so he didn't have time to approach the person and ask questions about the smartwatch.

Moto 360 on the Street
Image Source: Reddit user "ThatGuyWhoRuinedIt"

The other person to apparently spot a Moto 360 on the street is Gerrit Gödecke, a Google+ users who also lives in Chicago. He was on a commuter train "where you have a good chance of catching Motorola employees" when he noticed the smartwatch.

Moto 360 on Commuter Train
Image Source: Google+ user Gerrit Gödecke

The stealthy shots provide us with potentially early looks of to different Moto 360 models, one with a gold casing and Cognac band, and the other an all-black model. Both feature a rounded design like the first generation Moto 360, and if they're the real deal, it appears Motorola is again using a small black bar on the bottom that give the watch face a "flat tire" look, as it's become known.

It's not yet known when Motorola plans to announce its second generation Moto 360.