EA Cuts Marketing, Publishing, And Operations Workforce By 350 People

Things were looking bleak for EA ahead of Respawn launching Apex Legends earlier this year. Apex single-handedly turned EA's sagging stock around, and the game had 10 million players in only three days. Despite the standout title, EA has announced that it has laid off hundreds of workers across its marketing, publishing, and operations segments.

apex leg

EA says that in those segments of its business a total of 350 workers have been let go. The layoffs are part of EA's plan to ramp down its presence in Japan and Russia, but it is unclear if the eliminated positions are only in those countries. EA is clear that while it is ramping down its presence in those countries, it will find different ways to serve players in those markets. The game publisher says that the layoffs are part of "deliberate moves" it is making to meet the needs of its players and to deliver on its commitments.

Along with reducing its 9,000 worker headcount by 350 employees, EA notes that it is "deeply focused" on increasing quality in games and services. EA says that the decision to eliminate the jobs was a hard one and wasn't taken lightly. It is working with the employees that have been laid off to help them "find their next opportunity" noting that helping the workers is its top priority.

The elimination of 350 positions is a 4% reduction in its workforce. EA is the company behind some of the most popular games out there in addition to Apex Legends including hits like Madden, FIFA, Anthem, and other titles. IGN reports that sources in the marketing department say that for months EA had a freeze in place on travel and hiring spending and many expected the layoffs. One source said that some people were glad to no longer be in limbo.