EA Publishes Star Wars: Battlefront System Requirements, 8GB RAM Minimum Required

The minimum and recommended system specs for Star Wars Battlefront are out today. If your PC is getting a little long in the tooth, it’s a good idea to check them out. EA’s upcoming games looks killer so far, and if your friends aren’t already talking about it, they will be soon.

new star wars battlefront

We’ll start with the minimum recommended specifications first. Remember that these are for the Beta, so it’s conceivable that they could change before Star Wars Battlefront is officially released:

  • CPU: Intel i3 6300T or equivalent
  • RAM: 8GB
  • GPU: ATI Radeon HD 7850 2GB or Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB – DirectX 11
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
new2 star wars battlefront

The real catch here is 8GB of RAM, which is going to be difficult for some older and mobile systems. And if you want to play with recommended hardware, you’re looking at double that RAM. Here are the recommended specs:

  • CPU: Intel i5 6600 or equivalent
  • RAM: 16GB
  • GPU: AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB or Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 4GB – DirectX 11.1
  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10 or later
Again, these specs won’t phase anyone with a newer gaming system, but if you’ve been stringing along your old rig, hoping you could get away with another holiday season that doesn’t involve plunking down a big chunk of change on a gaming system, you may have a tough choice to make.

By the way, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront community manager Mathew Everett reminded everyone in this week’s blog post that the forums are now up. If you have questions about the Beta or the specs, they’re worth checking out here.