EA: It’s Time To Get Creative

EA is perhaps one of the most influential companies in the modern software entertainment industry.  The company owns some of the most popular gaming franchises on the market today: Sims, Madden,  C & C, and the list just goes on.  When EA speaks, the industry as a whole listens.

What is EA talking about these days?  Innovation, or rather the lack of it in the industry today.  Sure, companies can make bundles selling rehashed sports games with limited improvements, but what about attracting new gamers?  That's why innovating is so important.
“In his first in-depth comments since taking the job in April, John Riccitiello says he worries that the Redwood City, Calif., company and others in the industry make too many games that lack innovation. He says EA and others need both to push more aggressively beyond traditional audiences to court "casual" consumers and to experiment more with new sales approaches -- outside the norm of selling $50 to $60 discs with 40-hour games that he says few players ever finish.”
The great thing about innovation in gaming is the “wow” factor people get when they try something truly innovative and unique.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the major players take Mr. Riccitiello’s message to heart and we see a lot more titles with that “wow” factor in the future.
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