E3 2005 Aftermath, ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 NF4 Ultra, and more!

Hey folks! I hope everyone enjoyed memorial day. Despite the thunder storms in the northeast, I managed to have a good day. Tuesday is here however, so it's time to get back into the swing of things, and time for you to check out today's news. Oh, and if this is your first trip to HH in the past few days, you should check out HotHardware's Editor's Rig, and Dave's preview of ATI's CrossFire Technology.

Intel Pentium D 820 and Pentium 4 670 Review @ The Tech Zone

"The dual core processor is what I consider the next major technological step in the evolution of the processor. With the exception of the bit-size increases which are major steps as well, all the other improvements to the processors have increased performance (for single processors) and have added in a few features. The dual core processor focuses on something other than single application performance, which is multiple application performance."

E3 2005 Aftermath @ Bytesector

"First and foremost, the biggest news of the trade event was the unveiling of the next generation consoles from the three top hardware developers, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Microsoft set the precedent early, even before E3, by unveiling the Xbox 360 on MTV. By the time Microsoft's E3 press conference was history, everything from the technical specs, system, games and more were available."

ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 nForce 4 Ultra Motherboard @ OCTools

"When it comes to overclocking, it is where this board really shined. The components, the cooling and the BIOS options all helped in making the Fatal1ty AN8 an overclocking monster. How can anyone complain of 345MHz HTT rock solid with only stock cooling. No doubt, the Fatal1ty AN8 is not only "built to kill" but most definitely "built to overclock"

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