Dyson Re-Invents The Fan With Air Multiplier, Charges Dearly For It

Dyson. It's a name generally linked to wild (and wildly expensive) vacuum cleaners, but today the company is doing something a little different. Er, a lot different. The only other diversion for Dyson in recent memory from its core product group was the Airblade, a commercial hand dryer that blasted water from your hands without requiring your to hit any buttons or touch any germ-infested towel dispensers. It's that same wind-blowing idea that's passed along to the firm's first "bladeless fan," the Air Multiplier.

Without a doubt, this is the most high-tech fan the world has ever seen, though it'll probably only be found in homes bigger than most could imagine. In a world where $5 fans from the local dollar mart are more than adequate for most, James Dyson and Company have decided that there's a luxury need for a blade-free fan that costs upwards of $300. You read that right, a $300 fan.

Put simply, the 10-inch version relies on fans held within a column to generate oodles of blowing air, and there are no blades there to dice up your fingers. Dyson claims that the fan can expel 119 gallons of smooth and uninterrupted air every second--impressive, indeed. If you're curious about specifics, air is sucked in the unit's base and then forced up into the oop amplifier and accelerated through the 1.3mm annular aperture, creating a jet of air that hugs the airfoil-shaped ramp. When everything comes together, you're left with an uninterrupted flow of cooling air.

It's available as a 10" model in blue and iron colors for $299.99, while the 12" model will cost $30 more and ship in iron and silver. So, anyone snagging one of these for Christmas? No one?
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