Dvorak: iPhone 2 Months To Go & Sky Is Falling?

The phone/mp3 player created by the bright boys at Cupertino is still a few months shy of release, but sadly that doesn't stop people from poking holes in it. Perhaps a rephrase is in order, people with some agenda, say providing more back-up for an article they wrote here.

Here's a snippet from the Inq:

"APPLE FANBOYS have really been going for hack John C Dvorak after one of his sources in Cingular told him the iPhone's batteries lasted just 40 minutes. During Episode 93 of the spodcast this Week in Tech (TwiT)Dvorak said he received information from "a guy at Cingular who's testing the product." The unnamed, male Cingular employee told Dvorak "there's lots of issues" with the iPhone."

Almost all new hardware and software isn't in a 'ready for review' state 2 months prior to launch, which is why companies like Apple don't let legit review sites take an honest and hard look at a product until it's almost ready, at least not without making sure they know they're not looking at a final product. To judge something that is still in pre-release stage is poor form at best.

Take any so called specs and benches from sites that break information embargoes/NDAs, or otherwise 'leak' information with a grain of salt for the very reason that even if the information is genuine, it's like comparing a premature baby with one born on or about the due date; more often than not the earlier version isn't going to stack up nearly so well. So the sky isn't falling, wait a few more months and take a look at reviews of actual shipping products before making your own assessment.

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