Duke Nukem's Newspaper Is Printed On This

Among the many forms of highly desired but currently unavailable technology breakthroughs, workable e-paper ranks at the top of the list. Last year LG Phillps announced their development of A4 sized flexible electronic paper. This year, it's got a workable version in color.

The 14.1-inch flexible color e-paper uses electronic ink from E Ink to produce a maximum of 4,096 colors. It can be viewed from a full 180 degrees, so that images always appear crisp, even when the display is bent, according to the LG.Philips.

Like the black and white flexible display, the color version uses a substrate that arranges TFT on metal foil rather than glass, allowing it to recover its original shape after being bent. This model includes a color filter (CF) coated onto the plastic substrate, allowing it to display color images.

I'm not sure if this means we're all going to have to wear white gloves at the office all day in the future like a dinner party. Couldn't hurt; your keyboard is filthy. Read it here.