Bethesda Bringing Doom Eternal To Nintendo Switch On December 8th For Hellishly Good Fun

doom eternal switch hero
If people can get Doom running on old Nintendo hardware, surely Doom can come to the Nintendo Switch, right? Well, Bethesda is telling gamers to “Prepare for Joy-Con Carnage” as Doom: Eternal will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 8th.

Doom: Eternal is the action-packed fifth entry into the Doom series that we looked at when it launched. You play as the main character, Doom Slayer, who returns to Earth the vanquish the demons from Hell that have killed most of humanity. Now gamers will have a new way to play, as anyone can “RAZE HELL any way [they] want when DOOM Eternal launches on Nintendo Switch!”

doom eternal switch joycon
When Doom Eternal reaches the Nintendo Switch, you will be able to play the single-player campaign or play online with two friends in a 2v1 competition called “BATTLEMODE.” It will be available as a digital download from the Nintendo eShop starting on December 8th, likely at the base price of $59.99. If you want to add Doom: Eternal to your Nintendo wishlist, you can do that here.

In any case, if you are stuck in your own little Hell, you can now escape wherever you are to can slay demons and experience Hell on Earth at home or on-the-go. Doom: Eternal on the Nintendo Switch could make for an interesting Christmas distraction from family wherever you are.