Id Software Offers Doom 64 As Preorder Bonus With Doom Eternal

doom eternal
Gamers have been waiting in anticipation for Doom Eternal since the game was announced at E3 2019. When Doom Eternal was announced at the show, the launch date was set for November 22, 2019. That launch date unfortunately has already been abandoned, and id Software is trying to soften the blow for gamers.

Since the game won't launch this year, id Software is giving gamers Doom 64 as a preorder bonus on Xbox, PS4, and PC. Switch gamers will get Doom 64 as a bonus, but it's not playable until Doom Eternal lands on the Nintendo console. A Switch launch date for the games is unannounced at this time.

Gamers who already preordered the game will still be eligible for a Doom 64 digital download. To go along with the Doom 64 announcement, a new trailer has been released to celebrate the news of the preorder bonus.

The explanation id Software gave for the delay was to allow a few more months to add "speed and polish" to the game. "To make sure we're delivering the best experience—for Doom Eternal to live up to our standards for speed and polish—we've made the decision to extend our launch date by a few months to March 20, 2020. We know many fans will be disappointed by this delay, but we are confident that Doom Eternal will deliver a gaming experience that is worth the wait," id Software said.

Switch gamers might feel a bit annoyed as Doom 64 was initially announced for that console, and now all other platforms will get it first. We speculated when the announcement of the delay was made that perhaps the delay had something to do with Google Stadia, which is launching next month.