Don't Target Target When Hunting For Manhunt 2

Well, if you're looking to push an opponent face-first into a live fuse box, don't go to a Target store looking for digital supplies for your venture. Target stores have announced that Take Two's new and controversial game "Manhunt 2" won't be sold in any of their stores. And they don't care that the content in the game has been edited a bit to tone it down. Target points out the edited bits are still on the disks, waiting to be unlocked by intrepid escaped sociopath fans everywhere.

"All video games and computer software sold at Target currently carry ratings by the Entertainment Software Rating Board — from early childhood through mature audiences," the statement said. "While 'Manhunt 2' was given a 'Mature' rating by the ESRB, we received additional information that players can potentially view previously filtered content by altering the game code. As a result, we have decided not to carry the game."

"It's a big blow, in the sense of that's a place where people are buying lots of games. As a result, it's going to reduce the number of people that will see it," said Michael Gartenberg, the vice president and research director of Jupiter research. "But it kind of underscores the fact that older gamers are looking for mature content, and at the same point that retailers are going to be sensitive to the content that they put on the shelves," including video games.

So the marketplace of ideas works, sort of. You can make it, if you want. People are allowed to play it, if they like. Target can sell it to you, if they so desire. They don't. I think you can still buy an actual fuse box at Target, though.

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