Don't Do It! Don't Download Firefox 3 Early!

Typical of Firefox releases, a number of sites have begun leaking downloads to Firefox 3 (final).  Naturally people will rush to these downloads and start downloading, as most of us are impatient.  We say: don't do it!  Why not?

Well, don't you want to see Mozilla set a Guinness Book of World Records record? Mozilla is running "Download Day" as we wrote about earlier. All right, honestly there is no prior record for the largest number of software downloads in 24 hours, so they're going to set it anyway (as long as they have all the documentation they need).

However, if they want to keep that record, at least until Firefox 4, they will need as many downloads from their servers as necessary. As Mozilla says:
We will internally host 10% of the downloads, retaining all of the logs for these downloads, and will use this as our sample set to extrapolate the actual download number and percentage of completed downloads.
So, the more from their internal servers rather than mirrors, the better. It's also unclear if downloads before 10 AM PDT, the official launch time, will be accepted.

So, if you're going to download early, download again later!  Let's set that record!
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