Are You A Dork In The Wild With Your Apple Vision Pro?

dont be a dork in the apple vision pro
The Vision Pro is Apple’s foray into the augmented reality market, and it seems to be selling like hot cakes, with some 200K units already sold for a total of $700 million in new revenue for the fruity company. Of course, the $3,500 starting price is already a bit out of reach for many, but the sheer coverage of these devices has been extraordinary, and within the subset of people who got these headsets are a few standouts. Whether they are judged as the biggest dorks or heralds of a new era, we will leave you to decide, but safe to say shenanigans are taking place with the Vision Pro.

Early on in February, a video surfaced of an Apple Vision Pro user driving in their Tesla Cybertruck, which prompted some government warnings quite quickly. It really does not get any more tech-head than this, but this was also one of the first most high-profile instances of a Vision Pro owner, sometimes called a Vision Bro, getting up to no good and potentially even skirting distracted driving laws. However, in the few days since that incident, there have been multiple other people, including famous influencers, who have taken to the technology and using it in the wild.

For example, YouTuber Casey Neistat, of vlogging and creative project fame, did a fairly practical review of the Apple Vision Pro around his home of New York City. In the video embedded above, Neistat skateboards around and does day-to-day activities, all while wearing the Apple Vision Pro and explaining how it works. While we wouldn’t say this is dorky behavior, it would be hard to see anyone else pulling this off besides Casey, who has become somewhat of an icon of NYC.

If you want to see some real dorky behavior, though, skydiving content creator Chris Finck might just have you covered. In a short clip posted to YouTube and Instagram, Chris shows himself skydiving out of a plane with the Apple Vision Pro on. It would be rather interesting to see how the tech handles the distinct lack of close horizon lines and whatnot, with respect to its spatial awareness, but this is a fairly extreme edge case, and but it appears the lack reference points were no problem for the Apple headset.

Besides these folks, people like musician and streamer T-Pain have leaned into the Apple Vision Pro hype and seem to have fallen for it. However, there will be a lot more people either hyping up the Vision Pro or tearing it down before everyone comes to realize that Apple has blazed a trail in this new medium. At some point or another, this will be the norm, and all the Vision Bros will just be another person in a sea of many. As such, be a dork with the Apple Vision Pro or don’t; it’s fun to mess with it regardless.