D-Link Ships $130 MainStage For Intel Wireless Display Adapter

When we initially heard about Intel's Wireless Display (WiDi for short) technology, we immediately suspected it would become the next killer application for notebooks. The dream of wireless streaming for video, particularly in consumer machines at consumer-level prices, was a big one. To date, WiDi hasn't really grabbed a huge chunk of mind share, at least not in the way of some other things -- things like Android and iOS. That said, it's still a viable option, and it's only getting better with time.

D-Link is now looking to cash in on the solution by shipping their MainStage for Wireless Display (DHD-131), which delivers the web directly to TV screens. It claims to be an easy way to surf the Web, view photos and stream online video, all from their HDTV; all you have to do is plug MainStage into the TV using an HDMI or A/V cable and with a push of a button it automatically connects to your router, allowing you to surf the web and view home movies from a network computer or laptop.

 It relies on WiDi's 2.0 implementation, allowing customers to enjoy Blu-ray movies, DVD movies, and content from Internet services like Intel Insider on your HDTV with up to 1080p HD clarity and 5.1 surround sound, and also share pictures, music, or videos. It's available for $129.99 right now in the U.S., and will be available in Canada in July for $129.99. Not exactly cheap, but hey, cutting the cord never has been.