Digital Home PC made silent - Asetek LCLC

Astek sends word of their new "Low Cost  Liquid Cooling" solutions targeted at the Digital Home SSF PC...

Digital Home PC made silent by new OEM liquid cooling solution

Intel Developer Forum, San Francisco, September 26th, 2006. Despite the arrival of multi-core CPUs with lower overall power consumption, system level thermal management faces increasing noise challenges. Consumers are displaying clear preferences for diversified and, especially, smaller form factors why the future use of traditional heatsink and heatpipe coolers will be possible only with significant tradeoffs on either noise or performance.
 At Asetek's IDF stand (booth # 106) the Low Cost Liquid Cooling (LCLC) solution is on display in a Digital Home system. Live demonstrations include a micro ATX Digital Home (Intel(R) CoreTM2 Duo) system noise reduced from 34 dBA to less than 25 dBA (equal to bedroom ambient).
 "The LCLC solution is an ultra compact, self-contained, highly reliable, and integrated liquid cooling solution, which offers high performance at really low noise levels", states Martin Schousboe, VP of Sales at Asetek.

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