Digg Snubs Elite Digger 3monkeys AKA Stacy Doss

It appears that the top-brass at Digg have banned one of their most prominent members, Stacy Doss AKA 3Monkeys, for no apparent reason.  We want to bring this story to your attention because Stacy Doss also happens to be one of our valued team members here at HotHardware.

TH: Why do you suppose you've been given the snub this time - after 4 days of emails and no response?

SD: I honestly couldn't begin to guess. There has been a lot of friction between the top users at digg and the average user at digg. I believe that the digg staff has a thorny issue with that friction. Trying to play the full democracy card, they can't play favorites. But I think that they are, deliberately or not, putting the top users out to dry in an attempt to placate the average user. In other words, they are pushing out the old, bringing in the new. The problem will persist, however, whether or not it's me in the top 30 or some other John Doe.

Stacy is still not sure of the exact reason why his account was deleted, but as soon as he knows why, we'll be sure to let you know.

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