Did Motorola Mistakenly Publish Droid Ultra Details?

Motorola decided to tease the launch of its upcoming Droid Ultra smartphone by setting up a product page on its website devoid of any product shots. Instead there's a little gray box with the device's name and a bold tagline that reads, "Think Thin." That's certainly not a problem, as each new generation of smartphones seem to be slimmer than the previous.

The gray box also reveals that the Droid Ultra will be ship in a "bunch of glossy colors" with a "high-grade DuPont Kevlar body" that's both thin and "tough as steel."

Droid Ultra Teaser

Now here's where things get interesting. If you scroll down the webpage, there's a list of detailed specs suggesting a 4.3-inch display with a 960x540 resolution, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8GB of built-in storage, 8MP rear-facing camera, and so forth. If it seems odd that Motorola would tease a smartphone launch without any photos and then go full monty on the specs, that's because it probably didn't. Say what?

The specs that are outlined are the same as the Razr M, which was launched nearly a year ago. That suggests two things: Either the Droid Ultra is a minor update with a thinner body, or more likely it was a lazy cut/paste job by the webmaster who set up the new page for the Droid Ultra.