Did MediaDefender Try To Pull A Quick One?

It's being reported that anti-piracy watchdog, MediaDefender, may have set up a trap for potential pirates:
“Several days ago, anti-piracy watchdog MediaDefender launched MiiVi.com, a decoy piracy site claiming to offer "fast and easy video downloading."  It displayed copyright by "MiiVi, Inc," and mentioned no affiliation with MediaDefender, the movie industry, or Hollywood in general. The site's spartan layout enticed users to download a special MiiVi client, which would supposedly unlock access to the site's cache of full-length movies.”
Did MediaDefender honestly make a site with the intent of luring people into attempting to pirate media?  If so, why?  There aren’t many 100% clear answers at this point, but there are several theories. 

We’ll refrain from making any conclusions at this time, but we will keep an eye out on the situation and update  you as things develop.
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