DFI Pentium M based 855GME-MGF

DFI Brings Dothan to Performance Desktop Computing

The new Pentium M based 855GME-MGF "green motherboard" aims at energy-conscious enthusiasts who demand the best cool and quiet platform for overclocking or underclocking

Hayward, CA (November 4, 2004) – DFI, maker of the award-winning LANParty and record-scoring LANPartyUT series of motherboards, today launched industry's most enthusiasts-oriented desktop Pentium M motherboard, 855GME-MGF. Based on the Intel mobile 855GME/6300 ESB chipset and supports socket 479 Pentium M processors, this motherboard merges cutting edge mobile technology and performance potentials onto an environmentally friendly platform. Its low heat generation, virtually fan less operation and performance-oriented design makes the new 855GME-MGF the perfect solution for small home servers, silent home theater PCs, or blazing fast gaming systems.

Designed with versatility in mind, the 855GME-MGF is based on the standard micro ATX form factor and features support for low latency DDR333 memory and AGP 4X. Similar to the CPU socket used in notebooks, the motherboard features a low profile CPU socket that fully supports socket 479 Pentium M and Celeron M processors with 0.09 µm Dothan or 0.13 µm Banias core. Migrating the mobile chipset and CPU platform to the desktop means DFI users can now truly enjoy green computing without the expense of performance degradation. From lowered energy consumption, low heat generation, low noise generation to a possible fan-less system design, the 855GME-MGF motherboard promises more than any current desktop can deliver.  Read More...

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