Destiny Pulls In $325 Million Worldwide Within First Five Days

Despite mixed reviews from game critics, Destiny’s sales have been great for Activision and Bungie. Activision announced today that the persistent online FPS title has sold-through over $325 million worldwide during its first five days since it was released on September 11. Activision also revealed that Destiny players had logged in more than 100 million hours within the first week and participated in 137 million activities.

"Destiny fans played more than 100 million hours of the game in the first week. That's on par with the engagement levels of our most popular Call of Duty games, which obviously is an industry leader," said Activision Publishing ceo Eric Hirshberg. "Millions of gamers are having a great time playing Destiny and can't put down their controllers. And this is just the beginning. Destiny is a platform that will grow and evolve and we will continue to work closely with our partners at Bungie to bring a long line of new experiences and content to life in the game."

Prior to Destiny’s release last week, Activision had revealed that $500 million had been sold and shipped worldwide to retailers. This puts Destiny on track to be one of the most successful entertainment releases this year overall and is the best-selling new video game IP of all time.

But while sales appear to be great for Destiny, critics were not too impressed. The game has received a Metacritic score of 76 for the PlayStation 4 and a score of 79 on the Xbox One.

What is interesting to note, however, is that Activision has provided no information as to how many units have been sold unlike Ubisoft. Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, which was touted as the best-selling new IP when it came out, was able to sell 4 million copies in a week.