Bungie Promises Unwavering Support For Destiny 2 As New Game IP On Track For 2025

destiny 2 to be supported for many more years while bungie works on new ip for 2025
Game developer Bungie has set up the popular game Destiny 2 to be in it for the long haul, with new DLC and crossplay compatibility. However, the company has some new properties on the horizon, and we got a snippet of that with Bungie’s trademark of a game called “Matter” in 2018. Since then, we have not heard any other news about what is in store from the developer until now.

In an interview with Japanese publication 4Gamer, Bungie Design Director Jacob Benton spoke about what the future holds for Destiny 2 and how the company plans to support the game for many more years. When asked about the possibility of Destiny 3, Benton simply elaborated on the plans for Destiny 2 and a new IP coming to market. He explained that the team is “working on a new secret world in parallel with Destiny,” and is slated for release sometime by 2025. While this could be sooner, the dedication and heavy investment into making Destiny 2 great would make a pre-2025 release unlikely.

Besides this exciting development outline, Benton also spoke about possible media content other than games. He explained that while he could not give details yet, the possibilities were “endless.” Perhaps we could see movies, episodic content, or written works such as comics (but it's anyone's guess).

Whatever ends up happening, the future is bright for Destiny 2 and its players, with a plethora of new content on the way. Hopefully, we will get to find out more about future IPs and new content, so keep an eye on HotHardware for Bungie gaming updates.