Destiny 2: Season Of The Worthy Draws Near, Here's What You Need To Know

bungie destiny 2 season of the worthy trials
The next season of Destiny 2 is just around the corner. The new season will come with a fresh storyline, PVP and PVE activities, and desirable exotic weapons. However, Destiny 2 is a massive game and the amount of information provided by Destiny 2 developers Bungie can be a bit overwhelming. Here is what you need to know about Destiny 2, “Season Of The Worthy,” along with some strategic tips to get you moving in the right direction.

Destiny 2 is an online multiple-player first-person shooter game. Players can participate in a variety of missions in a shared-world environment or engage in PVE (player versus environment) or PVP (player versus player) activities. The game is free-to-play, but players can purchase a season pass for $10 USD to access more content and activities and/or expansions at an additional cost. Bungie continuously offers updates, but the biggest updates occur when a new season is introduced. There are four seasons a year and each season tends to feature a new storyline, activities, and loot.

The storyline of the Season Of The Worthy will feature the Cabal, a warmongering humanoid race whose leader is focused on expanding his empire. In the Season Of The Worthy, the Cabal are attempting to crash their massive ship into the Last City, one of the last refuges of the human race. Destiny 2 players, or Guardians, will need to team up with Rasputin, a giant AI computer, to prevent the ship from crashing into the Last City.

bungie destiny 2 season of the worthy

This storyline introduces a new PVE activity. Players will need to complete new public events at locations referred to as “Seraph Towers” and clear out “Seraph Bunkers”. Seraph Bunkers are Legendary Lost Sectors, or hidden dungeons, with large numbers of enemies. New locations for the Legendary Lost Sectors will be introduced every few weeks. Players will be rewarded with legendary weapons and armor. These PVE activities will launch with the new season on Tuesday, March 10th.

The Season Of The Worthy is also re-introducing the 3v3 PVP mode “Trials of Osiris” on March 13th. Each team will try to earn as many wins as possible before losing three matches. Players who win multiple matches in a row will be able to earn powerful rewards. Unlike most PVP modes in Destiny 2, the player’s power level will matter here.

Players must have a base power level of 960 or higher to participate in the Trials of Osiris. When Trials was initially announced for the Season Of The Worthy, it originally included power level bonuses from the seasonal artifact. The seasonal artifact is a special item from the season pass that boosts the player’s power level and offers unique mods. Bungie received feedback from the community and the seasonal artifact will not boost power levels in Trials, but mods will still apply. Trials of Osiris will be available every weekend from Friday to the game’s weekly reset on Tuesday.

bungie destiny 2 season of the worthy roadmap

Bungie has made several subclass changes in anticipation of the Trials of Osiris. There are three classes in Destiny 2 - Warlocks, Hunters, and Titans. Each class includes three potential sub-classes with their own unique abilities. First, warlocks take longer to recover from melee attacks than the other two classes. The developers are expanding the warlock’s basic melee range by one meter for a total of 5.5 meters, while Titans and Hunters are still limited to 4.5 meters. Second, titans are able to create a barrier to protect and resurrect their teammates. The developers have increased the health of these barricades, but also made them more susceptible to damage from certain weapons like sniper rifles, grenade launchers, etc. This is an especially interesting change, as the developers plan to generally nerf safer weapons like sniper rifles. Last, the developers will make a few alterations to one-shot abilities and other subclass abilities.

Destiny 2’s Nightfall Strike playlist is also receiving a refresh. Strikes are three-player activities in which the players traverse a dungeon and ultimately defeat a final boss. Nightfall Strikes are more difficult versions of these regular strikes and come in various difficulty levels. The higher your difficulty level, the greater the reward. Bungie will introduce a new difficulty level, “Grandmaster Ordeal” on April 21st.

There are a few additional pieces of information that are worth noting. First, the new seasonal artifact is a blade referred to as the Warmind Khanjali. Second, there will be new weapons and armor. Season pass owners will obtain the new exotic auto rifle called “Tommy’s Matchbook” and the Four Horseman Exotic Shotgun introduced in Destiny. There will be new sets of armor that will immediately be available to season pass holders and can be earned by other players.. Last, there are several other weapons and events that will be introduced at a later date. Bungie has teased a free event called “Guardian Games”, but has not provided additional information. Last season, Bungie revealed information about the exotic Bastion Fusion Rifle before introducing the quest that needed to be completed to earn it. Players were generally underwhelmed by the weapon. It appears that Bungie does not want to repeat this experience and is keeping some of their cards close to its vest.

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