Bungie's Latest Destiny 2 Reset Has Unleashed An Army Of Annoying Gameplay Bugs

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Nothing can kill a good time while playing video games more quickly than bugs that prevent you from completing quests or activities. No game is perfect, but some bugs are more frustrating than others. The latest Destiny 2 reset brought with it a variety of bugs that have been hampering seasonal quest, challenge, and exotic catalyst completions.

The first major bug is related to the Wayfinder's Voyage V. Wayfinder’s Voyage V requires Guardians to use the Wayfinder's Compass and kill Taken with a bow. However, many players realized that the quest only progressed once they had killed Scorn with a bow. This is fairly easily fixed by the player, but is still a bit annoying.

Second, many Guardians are having issues completing the Ager’s Scepter Catalyst. The Ager's Scepter Catalyst dropped yesterday and Guardians must kill 1,000 combatants to complete it. Guardians can progress more quickly by defeating enemies with precision damage and “obliterating destructible walls in the Shattered Realm activity.” Unfortunately, many Guardians have complained that destroying the walls does not seem to be helping progress. Some have also noted that it is not counting towards the seasonal challenge to "use Ager's Scepter to carve a path through Illusory Barriers in the Shattered Realm and claim the treasures they conceal." 

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Most of these bugs appeared yesterday, but we have noticed at least one other rather irritating bug that appeared earlier this season. Some seasonal challenges require Guardians to complete activities on various destinations. This season has so far destinations like the EDZ, Moon, and Tangled Shore. One of the upcoming seasonal challenges is apparently to complete challenges on the Dreaming City, but this challenge has not dropped yet. Guardians are therefore complaining that their Seasonal Challenge menu and Season 15 menu are constantly flashing without them being able to do anything to remedy it. 

All of these issues yesterday were exacerbated by Steam. The Steam servers are typically down on Tuesday for maintenance for roughly ten minutes. However, gamers were complaining about being unable to log into Steam and about the Steam servers crashing for several hours. Even gamers who were able to sign into Steam were frequently being kicked from their games. Bungie noted that many Destiny 2 players were encountering BEAVER, BUFFALO, and MOSQUITO errors, but the issues seemed to have applied also to other games. There is no word yet from Valve about the Steam crashes. 

Some of the Destiny 2-specific issues should hopefully be fixed later this week. Destiny 2 servers will be down on Thursday, September 23rd from 8am to 1pm EDT. Destiny 2 will be “[undergoing] maintenance as a result of Destiny 2 Hotfix There is a fairly extensive list of “known” issues that will likely be addressed with the Hotfix as well This includes problems with seasonal quests and activities like the Tracing The Stars I quest displaying the same location for Atlas Skews twice or the myriad of issues that players have encountered in the Shattered Realm activity. We have personally experienced many of the listed problems and hope they will be resolved soon.

Images courtesy of Bungie