Desktop PCs Gain Traction In American Customer Satisfaction

Some have claimed that the desktop is dead, and admittedly, it's not hard to understand why. Over the course of just a handful of years, mobile has become more important and in-our-face than ever. Not only do we have smartphones in our pockets, we have notebooks at home, and perhaps even a tablet. Soon, we might even have a smartwatch on our wrist. With this much mobile in our lives, it's almost hard to imagine that there'd be room for the desktop.

According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, though, there is still room for the desktop in our lives, and there's even a hint that the desktop could be making a comeback. We glean this from the fact that desktop satisfaction bumped 3% to 81%, surpassing tablets by 1%, and laptops by 76%.

Alienware Area 51 Desktop PC

Of all the desktop vendors out there, Apple once again tops the charts - which might not be that surprising. It did fall 3% year-over-year, though, putting it at 84%. Apple wasn't the only vendor to lose some percentage points; Acer dropped 1%, Toshiba dropped 4%, and Hewlett-Packard dropped a staggering 8%. Overall though, customer satisfaction for desktops still comes out in the positive.

ACSI PC Satisfaction Report

ACSI Chairman Claes Fornell has this to say about the desktop growth, "Either the product is seen as more attractive now and is poised for a comeback, or it has higher customer satisfaction simply because those who were less than happy with it have moved to other devices. If dissatisfied customers leave and satisfied customers stay, average satisfaction may well go up."

As a desktop enthusiast to the core, I hope it's the former. I'd like to see desktops strike back hard.

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